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Palace Wood

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From little acorns, mighty oaks grow

Results Round-up 26.4.19 and 3.5.19

Results Round-up 26th April and 3rd May 2019

Our results round-up the first since Easter. It's been a busy couple of short weeks! 

Great news for Sheeran who are having a non-uniform day this Friday (10th May). 

Waddle on Wednesday!

We have moved Trot on Tuesday so that all children can access the competition. Obviously walking every day would benefit not only you and your child but the whole school environment. If you do have to drive, we are trying to urge parents to park away from the school entrances: Ash Grove;Talbot Road and Maple Avenue. Not only is this for safety but also so that we are helping our children to breathe in as little pollution as we can throughout the day. The winning class from each key stage wins an extra 5 minutes break and the winning house in each class gains 5 house points.


26.4.19    Ks1 class winners Giraffes with 25 children walking    Ks2 winners Tigers with 23

                 Ks1 house winners Yarnold          Ks2 house winners Yarnold

3.5.19      Ks1 class winners Giraffes 28     Ks2 class winners  Tigers 25  The challenge is being laid down to the other classes!

                 Ks1 house winners Hawking      Ks2 house winners Hawking

Attendance and Punctuality

Congratulations to Yarnold who won Percy and Alfie 26.4.19

Buster Book Club 


Congratulations to Elephants who had the most children reading 23/26Leopards won with the most extra minutes read a whopping 2243.


Congratulations to Ks1 this week who managed the most children reading in all top three places. The winners were Penguins with 26/27 children reading. The challenge has been laid down to Ks2 to pick up their numbers.

The winners with the most extra minutes read were Leopards again! Come on the rest of you!


Ks2 Star Writers

The Ks2 Star Writing is currently having an face-lift watch this space!

Ks1 Star Writers


Congratulations to Alfie, Kamni, Esme and Phoebe who have won this week's Star Writer please click to see their work.


Congratulations to Molly, Evelyn, Rory and Lily who have won this week's  Star Writer please click here to see their work.

House Point Update


Housepoint update 26.4.19











Housepoint update 3.5.19