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Palace Wood

Primary School

From little acorns, mighty oaks grow

Year 3

Terms 1-3 were fabulous. We all had so much we loved about it, and now we are so excited about all the great things we have planned!



Class Teacher: Mrs Tristram

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Roberts


Class Teachers: Mrs Turner

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Adair and Mrs Larner


PE will be on Mondays and  Wednesdays for term 4. 


This term our focus is on sustainability. We will be using knowledge we gained in term 1 to explore further scientific ideas. We will be working outside with seeds and plants again - which will be fabulous. Looking to see how plants grow and in what conditions will help deepen our understanding.

Our history will showcase the irrigation systems of the ancient Egyptians. Allowing us to discover how people farmed agriculture before machines made life easier. In DT too, we will be making our own irrigation devices to see how well they will work.

In English, we are studying The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. Our focus will be to write persuasive arguments to support our own ideas of sustainability. We will move onto looking at 'Greta and The Giants' a book based on Greta Thunberg. Finally we will look at writing some poetry about what we have learnt.

Maths will focus on length and measurement first with a delve into fractions. Children will also get the chance to do some maths investigation, drawing on some of the previous knowledge they have and build upon it.

Please don't forget to practise times-tables at home - learning these will make a huge difference in skills as we go through KS2.

We cannot wait to have an even better time this term than last ( although I think it will take some beating)

Homework - 

Ensure you listen to your child read each night and then sign the reading record.

TTRS - Children can use the Times Tables Rockstars app to learn their times tables. Practising little and often will help the children with learning their tables.

Atom - We have a few questions each week to help the children recap their learning.

EdShed - Practising the spellings using games will improve spellings and word knowledge - we set this weekly.

Completing homework will help children in their learning and reinforce knowledge and memory.